Explanation of low pressure amalgam lamp and led ultraviolet lamp

Along with some disinfection and sterilization products businesses began to plan UV LED lamps, the ugliness of UV lamps which have been used for many years is becoming more and more intense. Today we will give you a spectrum of UV UV amalgam lamp!

Mercury, also known as liquid mercury, is a widely used metal material. In addition to ultraviolet lamps, we all know that fluorescent tubes, color lamps, LED energy-saving lamps and other lighting fixtures also contain mercury. It is worth mentioning that such objects as instrument panel, thermometer, dental amalgam and color paste are all applied to mercury. Although this kind of article contains mercury, it is not harmful to the body in general. Lamp tubes are more or less with mercury. Due to the limitation of technology and resources, this situation can not be prevented, but it does not mean that the use of mercury lamps will definitely damage people’s physical and mental health.
Let’s talk about the ultraviolet sterilization lamp. In fact, the ultraviolet sterilization lamp belongs to a kind of bottom pressure mercury lamp. Like the ordinary fluorescent lamp, it uses the low-pressure mercury vapor to emit ultraviolet light source after being excited, and then directly disinfects and sterilizes according to the light source. An ultraviolet lamp only contains a few milligrams of mercury, and is sealed in the lamp tube, which is not easy to cause leakage. For example, the disinfection cupboard imported from South Korea selects chenao ultraviolet lamp, and sets a protective film on the quartz shell on the surface, so that the lamp has toughness, and the application safety factor is relatively high, which can reasonably prevent the ultraviolet lamp from cracking.
Compared with the newly released UV LED lamp, the UV lamp tube was invented by a French doctoral student in 1801 and is still in use today. It has been used in disinfection and sterilization for its high sterilization compressive strength, excellent effect and easy removal and replacement, thus casting its influence today. UV amalgam lamp and LED lamp beads are all reasonable UV disinfection methods, and the same safety. The actual effect of sterilization is the same, customers should choose according to their own actual situation. Don’t trust exaggeration