What area of room can 30W ultraviolet disinfection lamp disinfect?

According to the second edition of the third edition of technical specification for disinfection issued by the Ministry of health of the people’s Republic of China The volume (hospital disinfection standard) stipulates that the installation quantity of indoor suspended ultraviolet disinfection lamp, 30W ultraviolet disinfection lamp tube, the radiation intensity at 1m vertical should be higher than 70uw / cm2, the average per cubic meter should not be less than 1.5W, and the distribution should be uniform, and the lifting height should be 1.8-2.2m from the ground, so that the breathing range of people is within the effective radiation range. Continuous irradiation for not less than 30 minutes, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is inversely proportional to the radiation distance, hanging too high, affecting the sterilization effect. If the surface of the object is disinfected, the distance between the lamp tube and the irradiated surface should be 1m, so the sterilization can be effective.
30W ultraviolet disinfection lamp bracket

This disinfection technical specification is required according to the situation of the hospital, and the actual use of the hospital may be calculated according to 3W / cm2, which is related to the environmental factors of bacteria in the hospital. The domestic or non civil environment is not as bad as the hospital, which can be calculated according to the technical standard of 1.5w/cm2. A 30W ultraviolet disinfection lamp of chenao can disinfect 20m2, and the ultraviolet radiation intensity can reach 90-100uw / cm2. In the process of using, it is suggested to select the power and quantity of lamps according to their own area. When selecting, the power should be a little larger than the original power. Within a fixed range, the greater the power, the better the sterilization effect. In addition, less lamps can be used to save space. At the same time, because of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp in the irradiation process, if it is suspended from the ceiling, the ultraviolet at the bottom will be slightly weak, and the high-power lamp tube will not worry about the lack of ultraviolet at the bottom.

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