What are the main advantages of using bactericidal UV-C lamps?

The light equipment equipped with UV-C ultraviolet sterilization lamp can not only replace the lamp normally, but also reduce the operation cost without maintenance. These UV systems are highly powerful and cost-effective. Therefore, compared with other systems (or used in combination with other systems), the use of UV-C ultraviolet lamp to eliminate bacteria can provide excellent results at low cost.

Bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, molds and mites are all sensitive to UV-C rays and can be eliminated by them.
Microorganisms cannot acquire resistance to UV-C rays, which can only be produced by using chemical disinfectants and antibiotics.
Ultraviolet is environmentally friendly. When using common disinfectants, environmental pollution is inevitable. They also directly inhale steam or ingest contaminated food after direct contact with chemical disinfectants, which also has serious risks.
In places where the use of chemical disinfectants is unavoidable (food / pharmaceutical / health care industry, etc.), the use of ultraviolet light in the disinfection process can reduce the required dose, thus saving a lot of costs, and being more environmentally friendly, while maintaining – and most of the time improving – the quality of disinfection.
Uv-c-ray equipment can be installed in most environments and machinery, and can be programmed to maintain the same level of disinfection day and night, thus ensuring ideal sanitary conditions without any fluctuations in quality. On the contrary, chemical disinfectants are more effective when used.

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