Disinfect the surface of objects with ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet sterilization lamp can also irradiate and disinfect the surface of objects, but the effective area of ultraviolet disinfection is only 1.5 ~ 2m around the lamp. In the specific operation, the light source should not be more than 1m away from the surface of the pollutant, and each contaminated surface of the disinfection object should be fully unfolded under the direct light, and the radiation dose and time should be determined according to the different indicators of microbial characteristics. Under normal circumstances, the lamp tube can be simply configured according to the power equal to or higher than 2W / m2, and the irradiation time is 30 ~ 60min. When large items in buildings, such as furniture, floor, etc., need to be disinfected in large area or in many ways, the application of ultraviolet disinfection lamp will be limited to a certain extent, and chemical disinfection is generally considered. However, when a certain part of a large item (such as a biochemical console) is often polluted, the suspended ultraviolet germicidal lamp can be used for surface disinfection according to the design.

In addition, due to the limitation of operation, the mobile high-intensity ultraviolet lamp can be used for surface disinfection temporarily, and the power socket should be prepared at the appropriate position on the design drawing. When using the ultraviolet germicidal lamp to disinfect the surface of articles, it is still necessary to pay attention to that the ultraviolet light should not be directly directed at the human body. Due to special reasons, operators must take protective measures when working under direct ultraviolet light. When disinfecting the surface of small objects or instruments, some hospitals put them into the closed ultraviolet disinfection box. The common ultraviolet disinfection box is made of ultraviolet germicidal lamp with high ozone intensity, which uses the joint action of ultraviolet and ozone to sterilize. At the same time, ozone can also disinfect the parts that cannot be irradiated by ultraviolet. The concentration of ozone in the box is generally greater than or equal to 20mg / m3, and the relative humidity is greater than or equal to 70%. It should be noted that the power socket should be prepared according to the position of the disinfection box on the design drawing.