What role does LED plant light have?

After the concept of plant factory was born, plant lighting came into being. What is plant lighting? Plant lighting is mainly to play a complementary role with sunlight, regulating the role of agricultural products. Because the traditional plant lighting consumes a lot of energy, and with the application of LED lighting technology in various fields, LED plant lighting has been widely used in various plant factories. LED plant lighting has a huge market prospect at present.

Countries with the main demand for LED plant lamps are continental regions vulnerable to climate change, including China and the United States, where agricultural plants are scarce at certain times of year. In addition, demand is also increasing in regions with less organic land or short sunshine, including Japan and Northern Europe. In addition, the application of power-saving LED lighting in agricultural equipment has also become a trend. At present, 90% of LED plant lighting products in mainland China are exported. Plant factory in China is not very long, in the traditional plant lights a foothold in the market has not scored the market when the LED light is strong, and China is the world’s big agricultural country and the world of the LED industry, so, the next three years LED lighting in China’s market capacity will increase greatly.

Xinjiang LED plant lamps can not only meet the normal growth conditions of greenhouse crops, but also have the following effects:
1. The overall growth of the plant is obvious, the fruit has increased sugar content, full and shiny, and the product quality is significantly improved.
2. Xinjiang led lights can be marketed according to time or even in advance, so as to maintain price advantage and even gain extra income.
3. Crops have strong vitality and improved the ability to resist diseases and insect pests.
4, ornamental flowers can also make the color of flowers more bright and lustrous.

And the impact on the leaves: moderate light, plant leaves oily green; Too much light, the leaves will become light green, yellow, and even soon burnt yellow wilt; In low light the leaves are dark green but dull.
Influence on budding: moderate illumination can promote the healthy growth of bud; Too weak will make the leaf bud more, flower bud less; Too strong is also bad for the bud.
Influence on flower bud flowering and color: too much light, then the color is deep and brilliant, too weak, then the color is shallow and light.