Waterproof concept and function of LED linear lamp

Many outdoor products need waterproof, such as LED line lamp, led wall lamp, LED guardrail tube, LED point light source, LED projection lamp, LED outdoor lighting lamp, lamp, waterproof watch, aquarium products, underwater camera, etc., as well as special industries.

Once the water enters the electrical products, there may be short circuit, leakage, corrosion, decay, damage to the medium price, interference signal and many other problems. Therefore, waterproof generally refers to the prevention of water or steam from the outside of electrical appliances from invading, penetrating and flowing into the interior of electrical appliances.
The two concepts of product sealing and waterproof are actually interlinked, but the emphasis is different. Waterproof emphasizes “no entry” to prevent the invasion, infiltration and inflow of water or steam medium.
More often, we need to use sealing methods, structural measures, material selection, etc. to ensure the long-term effective waterproof of products, and learn from the traditional, classic and mature sealing technology or means to enhance the waterproof performance of LED outdoor lighting products