How to improve the sealing waterproof of LED point light

The improvement of sand casting process, casting treatment and structure elusion are the measures to improve the sealing and waterproof performance of LED point light die castings.

led digital pixel point light source (4)
1. Sand casting process improvement of LED point light source die casting
There are several ways to improve sand casting process
(1) Keep pressure and heat preservation for enough time, and cool naturally. Take out the parts with proper force, and avoid cold crack and hot crack.
(2) Optimize the gating system to avoid sand holes.
(3) Select suitable molding sand to enhance air permeability.
(4) Improve the air permeability of the mold and reduce the shrinkage cavity.
(5) For deoxidized and deoxidized slag, the metal should be melted thoroughly.
2. Processing of die casting parts for LED point light source
Casting treatment measures are as follows:
(1) The inner wall shall be painted with 2-3 roof three proofing paint or pre coated with liquid sealant, which shall be uniform.
(2) However, the cost is high and the waste is serious.
(3) For the parts with serious or concentrated leakage, brazing, including copper based brazing, silver based brazing and aluminum based brazing, can be used to improve the porosity leakage by melting, spreading, wetting and capillary invasion of solder.
3. Structure elusion of die casting parts for LED point light source
The ways to avoid the structure are as follows:
(1) The casting shell is not directly used as waterproof shell, or the casting shell is only used as structural fastener, support seat, connector, bracket, etc. in addition, the scattered and independent structural waterproof is made, such as inner core waterproof, light source component waterproof, power independent waterproof, driving independent waterproof, etc.
(2) In the appropriate position of the drain, even if the water inflow can be easily and smoothly discharged.