production and installation steps of high power wall washing lamp

How to do a good job in waterproof of high-power wall washing lamp? Only by doing a good job in waterproof lamp, can led high-power wall washing lamp play a good role and service life. LED projection lamp is controlled by built-in microchip. There are two kinds of products, one is power chip combination, the other is single high-power chip.24v 15w waterproof outdoor dmx linear lighting rgb led tube light (1)

The former has stable performance, single high-power product structure is huge, suitable for small-scale projection, and the latter can achieve high power, and can carry out long-distance large-area projection. The typical modern style lighting without main lamp and fixed scale can create indoor lighting atmosphere. If a row of small spotlights are combined, the light can change wonderful patterns. As the small spotlight can freely change the angle, the effect of combined lighting is also changeable. The light is soft and elegant. The power of the wall washing lamp manufacturer determines the distance of its projection. Generally, there are 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W and other parameters. But the power is not fixed. The power can be flexibly changed according to the requirements. Generally, the high-power LED wall washing lamp refers to single row, and the multi row one is called linear LED projection lamp. In addition, due to the problem of heat dissipation, it is better not to exceed 36W for a single 1W wall washing lamp, otherwise the light will be seriously deteriorated if the heat dissipation is not good. The steps of making and installing high-power wall lamp are as follows:
1, aluminum substrate is the first spare LED lamp with iron and tin solder.
2. The high-power wall washing lamp with drive will drive gluing to ensure that the data drive is 100% waterproof.
As shown in Figure 2, the plate is then soldered to try on, or welded to see if there is no light, such as initial aging, which can ensure that led drives the wall wash beads and are complete.
3. After the trial lighting, a heat dissipation and silica gel can be put on the back of the aluminum substrate. The plate is put into the shell design. The thermal conductivity carrier silica gel is used to transmit the heat of the lamp bead to the lamp body, so as to avoid the lamp bead light fading.
After the preparation process is completed, 4. Weld the power supply to the positive and negative electrodes of the aluminum substrate, and then glue both ends with tape.
After the glue is dry, cover the glass again. The structural waterproof wall lamp does not need to apply glass glue. The structure is not waterproof, but needs to be coated with glass glue.

As LED is a semiconductor device with sensitive characteristics and a negative temperature characteristic, it is necessary to carry out the social safe operation environment and maintenance in the process of practical application and development, and then the concept of important driving is produced.
The above question is about the use of high-power wall washing lamp IC in our country. Originally, it can play an important role in a country’s stable working voltage and maintain the LED effect. These students doubt that the manufacturers of high-power wall washing lamps will select the appropriate ones. We will have a general understanding of this in China.