Introduction of LED wall washing lamp lighting

The illumination distance of power LED wall washing lamp reaches 1-10 meters, which is very suitable for panoramic floodlighting of internal and external walls of government lighting engineering, commercial places, subway, viaduct, building external wall, building landmark, etc. Landscape building, outdoor square. The color of landscape objects, walls and exhibits shall be painted.

It can adapt to all kinds of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environment. Color has red, yellow, white, green and blue, seven color color color change effect.
Through the organic combination of rich and colorful light and water, it produces a vivid feeling and brings a dreamlike feeling. LED high power T45 is a new generation of green lighting products with 24 high-power LEDs as light-emitting elements. The long-distance, large angle, colorful engagement effect brings people new visual experience and makes people immersed in the changeable color world.
The words in the LED wall washing lamp do not mean cleaning, but take his charm. In the dark night, when the light drops on the wall, it is evenly distributed in every corner of the wall, just like a thin layer of water mist on the wall. With all kinds of gorgeous colors, it looks like a fairyland in the world from a distance, which is particularly beautiful. At present, led wall washing lamp is mainly used for architectural design and decoration lighting only. Some large buildings are more towering and spectacular by the rendering of wall washing lamp. Led wall washing lamp is favored by customers because of its advantages of energy saving, high light efficiency, color diversity and full color. It has become the main force of modern outdoor lighting landscape engineering and is adopted by the majority of lighting designers.