Led plant lamp can promote plant growth

With the rapid development of protected horticulture area in China, the light environment control lighting technology of plant growth has attracted attention. The lighting technology of protected horticulture is mainly applied in two aspects

1、 When the amount of sunlight is short or the amount of sunlight is short, the plant will be illuminated;
2、 It can be used to induce photoperiod and photomorphogenesis of plants.
1. The traditional artificial light source produces too much heat, such as using LED supplementary lighting and hydroponic system, air can be recycled, excessive heat and water can be removed, electrical energy can be efficiently converted into effective photosynthetic radiation, and finally converted into plant matter. The results showed that the growth rate and photosynthetic rate of lettuce were increased by more than 20% by using LED lighting. It is feasible to use led in plant factory.
The results showed that, compared with fluorescent lamp, the mixed wavelength LED light source can significantly promote the growth and development of spinach, radish and lettuce, and improve the morphological indicators; it can make beet biomass maximum, beet root beet sugar accumulation is the most significant, and produce the highest sugar and starch accumulation in the root.
Compared with metal halide lamp, the anatomical morphology of stems and leaves of pepper and perilla plants grown in accordance with wavelength LED changed significantly, and the photosynthetic rate of plants increased with the increase of light density. The number of stomata in marigold and Salvia was increased by LED with complex wavelength.
2. LED is used as the induction lighting of plant photoperiod and photomorphogenesis