Advantages and disadvantages of LED plant lamps

LED plant lamp, waterproof and moisture proof can be used freely: store well in good weather, avoid direct sunlight; On rainy days, take it out to compensate for the light. Low labor intensity, simple operation, suitable for farmers to use.

LED plant lamp can be combined freely according to different needs of plants.super bright indoor garden greenhouse plant veg growing lights 1000w led grow light full spectrum (3)

LED plant lamp fill light advantage

Different from fluorescent lamps, LED plant lamps are free from heavy metal pollution and adopt green light source, which is suitable for green production.

LED plant light is not brittle, in the collision will not be a problem, suitable for farm use.

LED plant lamp energy consumption is low, can save the cost of light compensation.

LED plant lamps have a long service life. In theory, the service life of ordinary LED plant lamps can reach 100000 hours.

Power factor :> 97%

Total harmonic distortion: < 15%

Node temperature: <90℃

Wavelength: Blue 470nm, red 630nm

(Note: LED plant lamps of any wavelength can be used according to specific requirements)

Of course, every advantage has its disadvantage, LED plant lamp fill light shortcomings

LED plant light shortcomings as the fill light is mainly manifested in the monitoring system of electronic police and hd bayonet, high-definition cameras to capture high-speed mobile plates, will usually set the lower limit of electronic shutter in the night, so the night need high strength light effect, however, as a result of the limitation of cost and low power consumption LED plant light itself, brightness is hard to meet the requirements of capturing, is generally used in video surveillance video, the license plate image capturing high-definition generally is complete the snap with xenon flash to light.