Will the manicure led lamp shine black?

Can hand really turn black?
1. Using UV lamp for a long time can make your hands black
Manicure lamps are important tools for gel solidification. At present, the commonly used manicure lamps are UV lamp, CCFL lamp and LED lamp. UV lamp is the abbreviation of ultraviolet lamp. The UV lamp commonly used in manicure belongs to the hot cathode fluorescent lamp, which emits UVA (long wave ultraviolet), which can reach the depth of dermis and cause skin melanin deposition, making the skin black and dry!
2. The hand is too dry, and the visual effect is black
If the UV lamp is not used, but the guest complains that the hand is black, it is necessary to see whether the hand care is insufficient ~ under normal circumstances, if the hand is too dry, it will make people feel wrinkled and dark visually after lighting.
What should I do to keep my hands from turning black?
1. Use LED lamp or UV + LED lamp
LED light is visible light with wavelength of 400mm-500mm, which is the same as ordinary lighting light, and has no harm to human skin and eyes. In contrast, LED lamp is more energy-saving than UV lamp, lighting time is shorter, but the corresponding price is slightly higher than UV lamp. LED light will not make skin melanin precipitation; moreover, LED light is not as hot as UV lamp, and will not burn hands and feet.
The advantages of the new type of phototherapy lamp are long service life, low power, low heating, more stable UV source and stronger penetration ability. So it won’t have much effect on skin dryness.
2. Pay attention to the aging of the lamp tube and replace it in time
Pay attention to the UV lamp life will also have a certain impact! After the lamp has been used for more than 5 months, the ultraviolet light released will become unstable, so each lamp tube needs to be replaced before 6 months of use.
3. Pay attention to the duration of the headlamp
UV lamp lighting time is too long will make the skin melanin surface, so we must pay attention to the operation time.
Primer: uv120s / LED 60s
Color glue: uv60s / led30s
Seal: uv120s / led60s
Wash free seal: uv180s / led90s
4. Do a good job in hand care
Before and after each use of UV lamp operation, it is best to apply hand cream on the back of hand and each joint of fingers to replenish the moisture of hands, so as not to let guest’s hands get too dry!