What do we need to do in the maintenance of LED line lamp

LED engineering line lamp works outside for a long time, the dust on the surface of the lamp will inevitably increase. If the accumulated dust is not cleaned in time, it will affect the lighting brightness of the light. If there is too much dust in the LED project line lamp, you only need to wipe the dust with a clean cloth (Note: in any maintenance work, all power must be turned off)high quality dc 24v recessed grow suspended panel pendant recessed rgb led linear light price (1)
Secondly, we need to do the following for the maintenance of LED line lamp:
1. For routine inspection, lamps and lanterns are like our bodies. We will go to the hospital for physical examination every year or every other period of time. Even if we are in good health, we will buy a peace of mind for ourselves. Our LED engineering line lamp is the same. In the process of daily maintenance, if there is any problem with the lamps, we can return to the factory for repair in time.
2. The long-term “wind and rain” LED engineering line lamp will be hit by the storm. If there is any deviation in the light angle, the appropriate lighting angle should be adjusted in time.
3. If cracks are found on the surface glass of lamps during daily routine inspection, the lamps should be removed immediately and sent back to the original factory for maintenance, so as to avoid injury to innocent people.
(Note: all power must be turned off when carrying out any maintenance work)