Third generation LED plant lamp

Our company is the leading brand of high-end LED agricultural lighting and the supplier of special lamps in Mainland China. The company combines advanced light system technology with LED and new energy, integrates modern industrial design concept, and develops a series of high-quality LED agricultural lighting lamps, LED high-power lamps, LED ULTRAVIOLET lamps, LED special lamps. The new full-spectrum dimmable LED plant lamp is the preferred product for scientific research in colleges and universities.

At present, the types of plant lamps in the market can be basically divided into three generations:

The first-generation LED plant lamp has a fixed ratio of red and blue light, constant light intensity and DC power supply.

The second generation of constant-current LED plant lamp has a fixed ratio of red and blue light, constant light intensity and constant current power supply. Some orange light or white light are added to the spectrum, further enriching the spectrum. However it turns red and blue, it’s still the basis of a plant lamp, because of its red and blue properties. At this stage, Optical fox technology took the lead in developing and launching constant current power supply technology to reduce current instability and greatly enhance the life of plant lamps.

The third generation of full-spectrum dimmable LED plant light fox is the first in China to take the lead in the control system of red-blue light intensity and proportion adjustable ten-thousand-watt level, at the same time, violet and infrared light are added into the spectrum, which basically meets the requirements of full spectrum and the light intensity meets the whole growth stage of most plants.