The difference between point light source and area light source

Point light source is idealized as mass point light source. Point light source is an abstract physical concept, in order to simplify the study of physical problems. Just like the usual smooth plane, particle, no air resistance, point light source does not exist in reality. It refers to the light source that emits light uniformly from a point to the surrounding space.

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1. The difference between point light source and area light source
Point light source and area light source are relative
If the light source is far away from the receiving side, and the light you receive can be close to the parallel line, then this light source can be called a surface light source; for example, when the sun shines on us, the light received on our hands and the light received on our feet can be considered as parallel, and the light on the whole body is parallel. At this time, we say that the illumination source we receive is the area light source;
When the receiving source is replaced by the earth and the moon, or by the Pacific Ocean and the Himalayas, the angle difference between the two sides of the receiving side is very large, which can not be ignored;
There are also linear light sources, such as fluorescent lamps. When the light emitted from different points on the light source reaches the same point on an object, there is an angle difference between the light rays, so the light source is called a linear light source.
Parameter description of 2-point light source
1. Electrical characteristics
It includes volt ampere characteristics, allowable power consumption, response time, capacitance voltage characteristics, etc.
2. Optical properties
It includes spectral characteristics, light distribution characteristics, such as brightness or lumen value, light attenuation, loss efficiency, luminous efficiency, consistency and optical distribution characteristics. The peak wavelength and half brightness are usually used to describe the spectral distribution of spectral characteristics.
3. Thermal characteristics
It reflects the junction temperature change, thermal resistance and other characteristics related to heat.
Using high brightness LED as light source, long life, low function, die casting aluminum lamp body, PC lampshade, green environmental protection.
Like the stars in the sky, it gives people endless reverie.
Using the principle of dot matrix combination and led computer digital program controller system, different types of animation (GIF, flash), dot matrix text, graphics (jpg, BMP), and various lighting effects are realized.
Installation method of 3-point light source
1. Installation of clasp screw: the buckle is locked on the installation wall, and then the lamp is clamped into the buckle;
2. Installation of buckle with glue: the snap is glued to the installation wall with outdoor engineering glue, and then the lamp is clamped into the buckle;