LED linear lights create a unique night tour landscap

As a LED line lamp manufacturer, we know that the LED line lamp industry is not as big as it used to be. First of all, there are more people doing it now. We heard that the LED line lamp industry can make money. A lot of peaks rushed into the industry. As a result, there are too many products and no one is interested in it. This is one of the small reasons. Another reason is that the current price of LED line lamp products is very chaotic. For example, for the same LED line lamp, there may be quite different quotations, which will also affect the whole market. However, there are some LED line lamp manufacturers who pay too much attention to the price, and many customers dare not buy them as soon as they hear the price.

15w dc24v digital led rgb tube (2)
Scientific installation of a large number of light show effect led line lights. By means of remote control of technology, sound, photoelectricity, appropriate combination of light color and brightness, combination of dynamic and static, the historical culture of Nanzheng is fully explored. With scientific lighting, combined with square sound, it sets off an interesting contrast with the fountain to create a unique, colorful, exquisite and shocking visual and auditory feast for tourists.
The illuminance of 3wled and 35W halogen lamp cups were tested under the same conditions. Within 3 meters, the central illumination of LED light source is much higher than that of halogen lamp cup. In practical application, the commonly used lighting range of lamp cup is 1-3 meters. It can be easily seen from the figure that the lighting effect of 3W LED line lamp is obviously better than that of 35W halogen lamp cup, which is mainly because halogen lamp cup does not make good use of its luminous flux.
(1) Look at the label on the lamp, the general regular line lamp manufacturer will label the lamp before leaving the factory to indicate the specific parameters of the product. We can see how many volts the line lamp uses through the label.
(2) What to do without a label? There is no label on the lamp to indicate the voltage. If the lamp is transparent glue, the components inside the lamp body can be clearly seen. The number of beads, resistance, capacitance and other components can be used to judge the voltage from low to high.
When testing the lighting condition of the lamp, some electrical measuring tools can be selected to assist the test. If the internal components of the lamp body can not be seen clearly in the appearance, it is necessary to disassemble the lamp for detection.

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