Prospect and advantages of LED plant lamp Grow light

With the development of LED technology, not only many foreign led plant grow light factories can realize mass production of plants, but also the Chinese market is slowly rising. So, as the world’s fourth largest plant factory country, what is the development prospect of China’s LED plant lighting market? Which direction will the plant lighting develop? Aladdin News Center interviewed a number of senior experts in the industry and high-level enterprises for in-depth interpretation and system interpretation.

led plant light
However, it is reported in the industry that the price of artificially cultivated vegetables illuminated by LED plant lamps is several times more expensive than that of vegetables irradiated by traditional sunlight, and the early investment is too high and the investment cycle is long, which restricts the large-scale promotion of the market to a certain extent. The voice of “limited development of LED plant lighting market” came out. The author goes deep into the market, through understanding the current situation of domestic LED plant lighting field, objectively analyzes its development prospects, and tries to provide the future development direction of LED plant lighting for enterprises.
From the perspective of agricultural planting at home and abroad, soil pollution is becoming more and more serious, the degree of desertification is also expanding, food security issues have been more and more attention of the people, in the premise of these problems, led plant lamp lighting will solve some of the existing problems to a certain extent, for example, led plant lamp lighting can realize soilless cultivation At the same time, it can change the current flat planting mode and realize three-dimensional planting, which will completely subvert the current agricultural planting mode and will have epoch-making significance. Therefore, led plant lamp lighting will have more and greater development potential. Agriculture itself is a long-term work, and it also needs a certain period to carry out relevant technical research and experiments, which is an inevitable process.
Advantages of LED plant lamp:
1. No drive or cooling fan standard power socket connector is required.
2. Plant growth requires red and blue light wavelength environment.
3. Compared with other ordinary lighting equipment, led plant lamp has mild light line and does not make seedling plants scorch.
4. Compared with other plant lighting, it can save 10% ~ 20% of electricity cost.
5. Blue light can promote plant growth and height, while red light can make plants blossom and bear fruit.