Outdoor lighting manufacturers to analyze the key points of bridge landscape lighting engineering

As we all know, bridge landscape lighting project is an important part of bridge aesthetics, especially urban bridge construction. It plays an inestimable role in urban planning and development. As a beautiful bright spot, the bridge night scene lighting can not be ignored to enhance the city image.

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Although the basic lighting of the bridge plays a certain role in the bridge landscape at night, there are essential differences between the bridge night scene lighting and the basic lighting.
Bridge night scene lighting is an organic combination of Lighting Science and Bridge architectural art. It expands the landscape performance of the bridge, shows all the aesthetic characteristics of the bridge, and plays an important role, representing the spatial level and depth of urban night landscape. Lighting design should focus on its own characteristics, and show the beauty and essence of the bridge in the way of point, line and surface.
The design reflects the coordination of lighting with natural environment and human environment, highlights the key points, takes into account the overall situation, makes full use of the performance characteristics of light, light angle and range control to establish light composition, order and rhythm, change the rendering space, improve the proportion of space, increase the level of space, pay attention to the cooperation between local lighting and overall lighting environment, and select bridge components for lighting objects; Three dimensional performance; emphasis on color performance. At the same time, attention should be paid not to affect the navigation of the ship under the bridge to ensure the safety of the ship navigation.