Maintenance of LED wall washing lamp

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The LED wall washing lamp is based on the general shape parameters, or the appearance adjustment, so that he can choose more heat dissipation problems, reasonable heat dissipation structure, LED optical characteristics lead to glare problem, need to have a good light transmittance lamp shade, to a certain extent, form a surface light source. At present, the use of sanding or adding some materials, with the development of these years, the light transmission performance has been further improved.
1. For routine inspection, lamps and lanterns are like our bodies. We will go to the hospital for physical examination every year or every other period of time. Even if we are in good health, we will buy a peace of mind for ourselves. Our wall washing lamps are the same. If we find any problems with lamps in the process of daily maintenance, we can timely return to the factory for repair.
2. If the angle of the lamp is found to be deviated, the appropriate lighting angle should be adjusted in time.
3. If cracks are found on the surface glass of lamps during daily routine inspection, the lamps should be removed immediately and sent back to the original factory for maintenance, so as to avoid injury to innocent people.
Wall lamp
The wall washing lamp makes a lot of setting off the solemn, friendly and elegant style of the central area of the city, makes the city have a stronger sense of the times, thus increasing the attraction of the urban space, and fully expressing the cultural information of the urban environment and its architectural aesthetics. At night, the same city buildings are hidden in the night. After careful design, originality and local characteristics of the boutique buildings, in the night through the night lighting project; even those similar to other cities, through in-depth excavation of local culture, through the way of lighting engineering, can also “incarnate” the night scene with local characteristics.
SMD LED wall washing lamps are mostly driven by low voltage and use aluminum substrate for heat dissipation. The current LED projection lamps are not specially used for lighting, some are used to produce good projection effect. Most of the wall washing lamps are used to sketch the architectural outline or to make the digital screen effect. Its shape can be freely matched, and its practicability is also very strong. Walking in the streets at night, we can see led wall lights everywhere. Nowadays, led wall washing lamp has been widely used in outdoor lighting engineering. It can well outline the wall surface of various buildings and show the magnificence of the city at night