How to discover the four major benefits of LED transparent screens in the field of advertising.

LED transparent screens have advantages such as lightweight, no need for steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, and good permeability. In other fields, it is applied like a fish in water, entering our field of vision with a striking posture.

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1. Glass display window
LED transparent screens installed in store glass display windows provide a panoramic view of the store’s environment at a glance. LED transparent screens bring revolutionary changes to retailers and are also used in areas such as building facades, glass display window decoration, and interior decoration.
2. Large shopping malls
With the rise of the LED display screen industry, LED transparent screens are effectively combined with modern artistic beauty and shopping environment, and are also widely used in shopping malls, glass partitions, and other fields.
3. Chain stores
Nowadays, retail represents many distinctive storefronts that can attract consumers to stop and increase customer traffic. With a unique design approach, LED transparent screens can replace traditional storefront exterior LED displays, displaying rich and vivid video advertisements, making the storefront extremely cool and eye-catching.
4. Construction media
With the development of LED technology, construction media technology has also made significant progress, especially in glass curtain wall buildings, where various lighting schemes such as LED transparent screens have emerged.
What are the four major application scenarios for LED transparent screens today
1. Space design: LED transparent screens can be customized with different shapes and meet different space needs, thereby achieving a beautification effect.
2. Architectural curtain wall: Nowadays, LED transparent screens are installed on glass keels and combined with glass curtain walls to achieve good advertising and publicity effects.
Realistic view of LED transparent screen
3. Window display: Retail stores use transparent advertising opportunities on glass windows to effectively promote business.
4. Exhibition display: LED transparent screens can also be applied to various exhibitions, such as car shows, press conferences, etc., to promote products comprehensively.

LED transparent shop screens have the characteristics of transparency, lightness, and thinness, making them a display product that currently works well with glass display. Many businesses use LED transparent screens for cool video displays to attract the attention of incoming and outgoing customers, thereby enhancing the store’s attention and brand image to promote sales. Due to the continuous development and progress of LED display screen technology, LED transparent screens have rapidly opened up the commercial display industry in the context of the overall environment, gradually occupying the market demand and occupying an important position in glass curtain walls