How to choose the outlet mode of linear led lamp?

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When purchasing line lamp, the manufacturer should consult the customer which line out mode to choose except for some fixed line lamps. So, why is the line output mode so important to the line lamp? The answer is: the outlet mode of LED line lamp will directly affect the lighting effect of the product, the beauty of the product, the difficulty of installation, etc. Today, I’d like to explain to you the three most basic ways of LED line lamp
(1) Side outlet: select one side from both sides of the line lamp, and punch the discharge hole with the same diameter as the line. Waterproof docking is from this hole to the circuit board. It has the advantages of seamless docking, no darkening effect and convenient installation.
(2) Bottom outlet: the bottom outlet is a hole drilled from the bottom of both ends of the aluminum profile of the line lamp. The principle is the same as the side outlet. In addition to seamless connection, the bottom outlet lamp can also make the connection hidden at the bottom, which has high aesthetic value.
(3) Plug and pull socket: plug socket has a plug-in hole between the two ends of the line lamp, which is very convenient to install. The plug and socket cannot be connected seamlessly, which is slightly lower than the bottom socket.