How long is the illumination time of LED plant grow lamp better?

The purpose of choosing led plant lamp is to fill the light for the plant. The reason is that the current illumination of the plant is insufficient, the photosynthesis can not be carried out smoothly, and the plant can not grow normally or accelerate.
After purchasing led plant lamp, I found that the problem came. How long does the plant I planted need to be illuminated with LED plant lamp? How much light is added to the plants? Can you fill in light 24 hours a day? There are two aspects to these problems
How long is the illumination time of LED plant lamp better? Plant growth lamp
1. Control the lighting time with LED plant lamp according to the light preference of plants
It is generally believed that almost all living things need rest, so it is definitely not feasible to use LED plant lights to fill light for plants 24 hours a day. Many studies and experiments have proved that it is appropriate to control the time of light supplement for plants in 16-18 hours, and it is necessary to reserve 4-6 hours rest time for plants.
For bright light plants, when the weather is clear, the time that the sun can meet its growth needs is generally 10:00–17:00. In this case, 6:00–10:00 and 17:00–00:00 should be used to fill up the plants with LED plant lamps, that is to say, the time needed to add light to plants by plant growth lamps takes about 11 hours. (Note: plant rest time should be between 00:00 and 6:00).
In the same way, if the light requirements of plants are not very high, the growth needs of plants can be met under the condition of sunlight. The time of supplementing light with LED plant lamps only needs to be set according to the local sunrise and sunset time, and the efficient rest time of plants should be avoided as far as possible.
2. Set the lighting time with LED plant lamp according to the planting environment
The plant planting environment includes the regional differences between the north and the south, the seasonal differences in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the differences in sunlight illumination indoors and outdoors.
Regional and seasonal differences can be based on the rule of illumination. The closer to the equator, the stronger the summer and the stronger the winter. According to local conditions, the LED plant growth lamp should be used to illuminate the time.
Indoor and outdoor planting can receive very large difference in illumination. Indoor 16–18 hours are needed to fill the light with LED plant lamps at all times. The light intensity of LED plant lamps can be adjusted according to the degree of indoor natural light.