Characteristics of LED point light source

Characteristics of LED point light source
The lamp body is made of high strength aluminum material, the surface is anti-aging and static plastic spraying, which is self-cleaning and corrosion-resistant.
The mask adopts a new PC lampshade, which is impact resistant and friction resistant.professional night club lighting dmx led 3d ball light (8)
High quality LED products, high stability, long life.
DMX512 system control can be carried out, changing colorful, flowing water, dream effect.
Green and pollution-free: cold light source design, no harm to eyes and skin. Realize the real sense of green
Humanized structure design makes installation and maintenance of lamps easier. Suitable for a variety of applications.
The lamp is designed with sufficient heat dissipation, low cover temperature, safety and good protection.
Minkono LED point light source has several advantages as follows:
1. Small size, light weight, can be made into any shape, convenient for the layout and design of lamps, widely used.
2. The response time is nanosecond. This feature makes it widely used in traffic lights.
3. No flicker, no ultraviolet. The spectrum of LED point light source is mainly concentrated in the visible light area, which will not be interfered by ultraviolet and infrared radiation, so it can effectively avoid flicker.
4. Strong anti-seismic and impact resistance. The LED light source is sealed with epoxy resin, so that it has strong waterproof and shockproof ability. Excellent impact resistance also brings convenience to transportation and production.
5. Green environmental protection, LED point light source is made of non polluting materials, and its waste can be recycled.
6. The brightness can be adjusted, and the brightness of LED point light source can be effectively controlled according to the current. Convenient to achieve on-demand lighting, brightness control.
7. Strong directivity, the light emitted by LED point light source is directional, most of the light can directly shoot to the illuminated surface. Compared with the traditional light source, the utilization rate is higher.