Application scope and suggestion of ultraviolet disinfection lamp

UV led lamps can help protect our world and kill bacteria, viruses and other protozoa safely and economically. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp still has bactericidal effect when organisms are immune to other purification methods. It is an ideal choice for widely used in the fields of air purification, water purification and surface sterilization.
The application range of ultraviolet disinfection lamp can be from hospital to laboratory, from dairy products, wine making and bread processing industry to cold storage room and air conditioning system. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp can produce different solutions, which can be used in various fields to make our environment cleaner, safer and more hygienic.
Ultraviolet disinfection lamp
In addition to industrial use, there are also many applications in single family. We listed several common problems in families that need to use ultraviolet disinfection lamps.
*Having patients at home (especially with infectious or respiratory diseases)
*The old man’s family
*There are babies at home
*The basement with half sunshine and little living.
*They keep small animals or other pets at home
*Family resistance is weak, always easy to catch a cold or diarrhea
*My family has skin disease. (it has good germicidal efficacy against mites)
*The bathroom or kitchen at home is not ventilated, and there is no sunshine all the year round.
*Disinfection should be carried out before living in a new house or not living at home for a long time! Disinfection of family room (especially the shady room without sunlight) can thoroughly disinfect the indoor air of bedding and furniture by ultraviolet radiation.
Ultraviolet disinfection lamp
Suggestion: attention should be paid to the use of ultraviolet disinfection lamp. Since ultraviolet can destroy the cell structure and make it die, attention should be paid not to directly irradiate human skin, especially human eyes, when ultraviolet disinfection lamp is on, do not look directly at the lamp tube. If the eye injury is not careful, the general situation has nothing to do with it. If it is serious, eye drops or human milk can be applied to help recover. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp with ozone and no ozone, if the lamp with ozone, do not use in someone’s place.