A tutorial on the standardized use of LED transparent display screens

In recent years, the development of LED transparent displays has been getting better and better both domestically and internationally, and service and after-sales have also been unprecedentedly improved. Good LED transparent display products, such as LED film screens, LED glass screens, and LED transparent screens, have gradually become mainstream products and have been widely used in various fields. However, during use, many people are not clear about the use of LED transparent displays. What should we pay attention to during use? We should be clear that only by using LED transparent displays correctly and scientifically can they better serve us. Below is a tutorial on using LED transparent displays and what precautions should be taken during use.

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LED transparent display screen usage environment
1. The working environment temperature range is -20 ℃ ≤ t ≤ 50 ℃, and the working environment humidity range is 10% to 90% RH;
2. During the use of the display screen, it should be avoided to use or store it in high temperature, high humidity, high acid/alkali/salt environments;
3. Keep away from flammable materials, gases, and dust;
4. When the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation conditions are poor, please be careful not to use the LED transparent display screen for a long time; Easy to cause damage to the internal circuit board of the display screen.
5. When the LED transparent display screen with humidity exceeding the specified humidity is powered on, it can cause component corrosion or even short circuit, resulting in permanent damage;
6. It is strictly prohibited to allow water, iron powder, and other easily conductive metal objects to enter the screen. LED transparent display screens should be placed in a low dust environment as much as possible. Excessive dust can affect the display effect and make it easier to damage the circuit. If water enters due to various reasons, please immediately turn off the power and dry all components before use.
A tutorial on the standardized use of LED transparent display screens
Precautions for using LED transparent display screens
1. Maintenance must be carried out by professional personnel
In recent years, the technology of LED transparent displays has become increasingly mature, with higher accuracy and more reasonable structures, which can fully achieve seamless splicing. The LED transparent display screen not only upgrades the power box and screen body, but also comprehensively optimizes and innovates the structure and performance, with high-precision splicing, making installation and maintenance very convenient. In order to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit, professional technicians should be required to perform repairs on the screen body.
2. Dust treatment should not be contaminated with water
Whether it is indoor or outdoor LED transparent display screens, there will be a lot of dust when exposed to the external surface regularly, especially for outdoor advertising screens. When there is dust, the surface of the screen body cannot be directly wiped with a damp cloth, but can be wiped with alcohol. During the process of wiping the dust, the LED screen should be kept in a closed state at all times; After the wiping test is completed, do not rush to open the screen. Allow the screen alcohol to completely evaporate before opening the LED transparent display screen.
3. Do not frequently operate the switch
LED transparent display screens are different from ordinary household appliances. Remember not to frequently turn off and on the power supply of the display screen during use to avoid excessive current affecting the lifespan of the display screen. It can also cause a short circuit and affect the promotional effect of the enterprise.
Switching sequence of LED transparent display screen
1. When turning on the screen, pay attention to the order of the switches: turn on the screen first, fully light up and preheat the screen, and then turn on the screen. When turning off the screen, the order is reversed: first turn off the screen, then turn it off. If the computer is turned off first, it will create a high brightness on the screen, and the light tubes are prone to burning out, affecting the lifespan of the screen and causing serious consequences.
2. The time for each startup and shutdown should be greater than 5 minutes. Frequent startup and shutdown can cause a short lifespan and short circuit of the display screen.
3. The screen power can only be turned on after the computer enters the engineering control software.
4. Avoid opening the screen in a fully white state, as the system’s surge current is at its maximum.
5. When the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation conditions are poor, LED lighting should be careful not to turn on the screen for a long time.
6. If there is a very bright line on a certain part of the electronic display screen, the screen should be turned off in a timely manner. In this state, it is recommended not to open the screen for a long time.
7. The power switch of the display screen frequently trips, so it is important to check the screen or replace the power switch in a timely manner.
8. Regularly check the firmness of the hooks. If there is any looseness, please make timely adjustments, re reinforce or update the suspension components.
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